17″ Tripad Polishing Kit

The TRIPAD range of discs (Eco Friendly) by Klindex and Hyper Grinder differs from normal discs for the new natural fiber support, the high concentration of diamond resin and the great strength and durability of the disc in the most extreme conditions. It comes is in 3 colors, Red, Green and Blue.

RED TRIPAD the most aggressive, quickly removes scratches, acid stains and strong dirt.
GREEN TRIPAD gives tone and color on the surface leaving mechanical polish.
BLU TRIPAD gives a high gloss and can ‘be used for routine maintenance of the floor.

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The TRIPAD system is very effective for different types of applications :
– To clean concrete floors, to strip wax from floors
– To restore the shine on old marble
– To deeply clean ceramic tiles, to restore PVC, linoleum and much more

Thanks to their features, TRIPAD discs are faster and more resistant than other discs on the market, making their purchase the most profitable and long lasting.

With TRIPAD discs your business will be increate , easily achieving extraordinary results, spending less in chemicals and will be more competitive in your sector.