Kristal Blu 5KG

The KRISTAL BLU is a new polishing cream for Granite, Engineered Quartz tiles, Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Polished tiles.
Thanks to the thermal force of the crystallization machine and the Disco lux or Red pad, Kristal Blu can uniformly penetrate into the gaps of molecules and then solidify into high-strength rigid transparent protective layer, just like form a crystal shield on the surface of the marbles. It enjoys powerful properties against dust, acid/alkali, washing, scratches and stain, and excellent self-cleaning performance. After the treatment with Kristal blu, stones will present oily, limpid and attractive surfaces.



High Gloss: The size of the particles of the Kristal Blu are generally within 5nm and are able to penetrate into the micro air pores of tiles and form a uniform film of high gloss. Due to containing titanium and quartz particles, attractive gloss presents and highly eases the work of clearing staff.
Incomparable high strength and wear resistance: Kristal Blu contain rigid titanium particles, which are over a hundred times harder then resin grains contained in general crystallizing agents, that are able to resist to the external challenge for long time, exempt you from the trouble of repeated polishing and save great amount for caring cost.
Resistance to Slip and Stains: The surface of the Kristal Blu is hydrophobic, not only resisting to ink, juice, sewage, but against the oxidation or decomposition by general acid or alkali detergents.
Sucker function will show when it contacts water or sole. The surface friction coefficient is within 0,5-0,7, greater than National standard GB 19079.1.-2003 which require the static fiction of floors is no less than 0,5, is wholly slip resistant.